senior citizen ministry

A Helping Hand in Times of Need

The Senior Citizens of Teel Apostolic Church are very important to our Church. We realize that what we enjoy as a younger generation was handed down from those who are now our seniors. They are the role models that we want for our children to follow. They have played a very vital role, and continue to do so, in the services of our church.

It is our mission to encourage, support, and assist them in any way that is possible. This is why we have established a Helping Hands Ministry under the leadership of Damon and Linda Tucker. This ministry cares for, assists, and ensures that no special day goes unnoticed. Our Senior Citizens enjoy times of fellowship and fun with events created just to accommodate them. Fun times such as fall festival day, special services to just honor them, and their contributions to our church. We welcome as well as provide transportation to those of our Senior Citizen community. At Teel Apostolic Church, we appreciate you and your years of service to God. Seniors are always a welcome sight in our church.